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A Broad Range of Tree Services

Having large healthy trees on your property is one of the joys of homeownership.  Trees provide shade for picnics, shelter for animals and humans, beautify the property and are often structural as is the case with rope swings, tree forts, etc. 

As beautiful as they are, however, trees can also pose a real threat to property and life.  If a tree is dangerously leaning toward your property, or if it has a visible (or invisible) disease, your home and family can be in serious danger.  

Obviously homeowners insurance is there to cover the property replacement, but what if you are in the house when the tree comes down? Eliminate that danger with IndyLumberjack.

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We serve customers throughout central Indiana, including: Indianapolis, Noblesville, Kokomo, Crawfordsville, Bloomington, and Greenfield.

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We proudly offer reasonable rates and safe, top quality, courteous, efficient service. Let IndyLumberjack help you reach your goal of maintaining beautiful and safe trees.

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